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Pharmacology mainly includes human anatomy and physiology, drug action (including drug toxicity), clinical pharmacy, biological screening of drugs (including clinical trials)

The subject of human anatomy and physiology is a fundamental subject which imparts knowledge about the structure and functioning of different body organs. Imparting in-depth knowledge about the functioning of biological systems, Viz. Skeletal system, cardiovascular system, respiratory systems, digestive systems, nervous system etc, is the main focus of the subject. The subject is taught so that learner can understand several pathological (diseased) conditions in the body.

The subject ‘drug action (including drug toxicity)’ mainly deals with the in-depth knowledge of biological targets of drugs, Viz. different receptors and enzymes. The interactions of these targets with the drug candidates are explained on the molecular level. The knowledge attained builds the thinking skills of learner regarding drug designing. Reasons behind the toxicities and side effects of drug compounds are explained to the learner, the knowledge attained enhances the skills of the learner to work as a clinical pharmacist.

The subject clinical pharmacy focuses exhaustively on different therapeutic categories of drugs, viz. antibiotics, antihypertensives, anticancer, etc. Different therapeutic categories of drugs are discussed with their different clinical uses, side effects, toxicities associated, therapeutic doses and available dosage forms. Drug-drug interactions are also explained to the learner. The knowledge attained helps the learner to become a proficient clinical pharmacist and drug counselor.




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