/  Placements

Stream:   B. Pharmacy

Position offered – Process Associate

Roll No. Name
13/BP044 Laksh Kaul
13/BP045 Lovish mangla
13/BP027 Harpreet Gandhi
13/BP039 Karan Chabra
13/BP029 Himanshu Khera
13/BP025 Gagandeep Singh
13/BP007 Anjali Kapoor
13/BP014 Ayush Khanna
14/BP105D Sachin Singh
13/BP013 Avneet Kaur





Nutrition Officer Trainee

Clinical Business Trainee

Stream:   B. Pharmacy

Roll No. Name
13/BP025 Gagandeep Singh



Trigya Health Products Pvt. Ltd.

SANDEEP SHARMA HR Executive Trigya Health Products Pvt. Ltd. Delhi

The mission of Company: “Trigya Health Products significantly working in changing the lives of the community in terms of health. Our mission is to cover a wide range of people to make their lives happier and healthier. We are targeting a large scale of people worldwide to alleviate the rates of deficiency disorders. “Healthy personality means healthy mind” who takes esteemed agreement for nation’s wellbeing.”

Trigya health products are originated with a vision of constructing a nation with full of life and make people habituated of healthy eating. For Trigya, people’s wellness is the finance and we want to expand it worldwide. Trigya Health Products is a pioneer in pharmacology with its unique principles and thought.

Trigya is not only a supplement distributing sector instead it believe in educating the people first about their genetic composition, what type of foods suit their body, and what precautions to be taken to prevent the threatening clinical complications. Trigya health products have its own laboratory where medical professional team investigates the herbs. Trigya team is consistently researching on Ayurvedic herbs to formulate a supplement which eradicates the pathogenic condition.

Trigya has a team of Ayurvedic Doctor, Drugs Analyst, Microbiologists and other lab technicians who are solemnly justifying their responsibility to serve a wide group of people with superficially influencing supplements.

Medical Sales Executive:

Medical sales representatives are a key link between medical and pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals.

A medical representative’s job is to promote and sell their company’s products, whether that’s pharmaceutical drugs or medical equipment. Customers can include doctors, nurses, and pharmacists. The medical representative will increase product awareness, answer queries, provide advice and introduce new products.

Stream:   B. Pharmacy

Roll No. Name
13/BP089 Sorabh Anand
13/BP089 Vaibhav
13/BP094 Vipul Aggarwal
13/BP096 Vishal Munjhal
13/BP062 Pulkit Saini



Apollo Pharmacy

Stream:   D.Pharmacy

Position: Pharmacist

Roll No. Name
15/DP29 Mukesh
15/DP 17 Kapil
15/DP 26 Manoj


Position offered – Process Associate

Stream:   B. Pharmacy

Roll No. Name
14/BP83 Suraj Pathak





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